For Students: Become a next era activist

Each year, Next Era partners with high school clubs across Louisiana. Once a club is accepted into the Next Era Partner Program, Next Era recruits and trains students to work on campaigns promoting a tobacco-free Louisiana. The program is open to all students at that school. By participating in the Next Era program, your club or school can earn up to $3,500. Learn more below.

How It Works

Being part of Next Era means that you are an activist fighting for Louisiana’s future by promoting a tobacco-free state…and having fun while doing it. We do this by:

  • Leading projects and events that educate and engage the public
  • Presenting to Key Decision Makers at local, state, and national meetings and conferences
  • Earning points to cash in for rewards like gear, electronics, and scholarships
  • Working with other passionate youth advocates to make a difference and cause real social change in our schools, communities, and statewide

Want to be part of the action? Contact us below
to learn how to bring Next Era to your school.