Next Era: What We Do

Next Era is a youth movement empowering high school teens to work toward meaningful change in their communities.

In cities with Next Era, once a school is accepted into the Next Era Partner Program, students are trained on a state or local-specific Next Era campaign. After the training, Next Era members work directly with staff to plan and lead their own campaign projects, events, and more. Here’s how it works:

Next Era Trainings

Next Era Trainings

To become members, youth learn about Next Era’s current campaigns, the issues they address, and how to get active in Next Era through an interactive training at their school.

Next Era Projects and Events

Projects & Events

After completing their training, youth lead projects and events in their schools and communities to support Next Era’s campaign efforts.

Next Era Conferences and Presentations

Conferences & Presentations

As Next Era youth become leaders, they give educational presentations on campaign topics and present key campaign findings at local, state, and national conferences.

Meetings with Key Decision Makers

Meetings with
Key Decision Makers

As determined by the campaign strategy, top Next Era youth meet with school boards, city councils, and other local and state government officials.