Why We Care About Healthier Air for All

Next Era youth work on campaigns that help make Louisiana healthier. Hear from them about why they are passionate about their work on the Healthier Air For All campaign:

“One of the most important things that affects me is second-hand smoke, which saddens me…I want to be the one to change this or at least have some way to help to prevent this.” – Nydia C., St. James, LA

“Everyone should be able to breathe clean, fresh air instead of breathing in something that can give you cancer and kill you.”  -Valecia T., Holden, LA

“I care about protecting people from secondhand smoke because it’s awful having to breathe in that smoke when you don’t want to, and helping protect others who don’t want to be around it is what I am striving to do.” Felecity Y., Atlanta, LA “Let’s end smoking in public places and protect our lungs. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air.”  -Logan L., Gonzales, LA

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